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Cosmetic dentistry is a constantly evolving practice involving a variety of procedures designed to help patients improve the look of their smiles. Despite the number of treatments associated with the practice, teeth whitening remains the most popular, and for a good reason. A pearly white set of teeth can make you look much younger and boost your self-esteem and confidence. This is a noteworthy fact considering that a study by the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry finds most people consider individuals with attractive smiles as smarter, friendlier, and more successful than others. This dental breakthrough is a game changer that can help transform your look.

Reilly Dental makes teeth whitening in Atlanta, Marietta, and surrounding areas much easier, through the use of take-home kits. The solutions we offer have higher concentration of carbamide peroxide than other over-the-counter whitening kits. This chemical bleaches tooth enamel and produces results that compare well against, and even rival, our proven and effective in-office treatments.

The home whitening kits used to transform your smile compose of customized trays shaped like mouth guards worn by professional athletes. They are much thinner, however, and hold professional grade whitening gels close to your teeth. We provide additional whitening gels at a minimum cost, allowing you to touch up your smile with easy treatment whenever necessary.

For our patients in Marietta, teeth whitening at home can be advantageous for many reasons, starting with affordability. Take home solutions are less expensive than in-office bleaching, and are perfect if you are on a tight budget. Another advantage you can expect is the customization of treatment – when used as directed; you can start seeing results after just one session. Optimal results normally come after two weeks, and you can discontinue treatment once your smile reaches the shade you like. The third biggest advantage to the take-home kit is it results in less sensitivity because no light is required for home bleaching.

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"We've been going to Reilly Dental for almost 10 years now, and I routinely recommend them! Their new office is very nice, too. Today I got to have Jodi as my hygienist -- she was great! You will not go wrong with Dr. Tom or Dr. Susan, and I am always seen on time. Love, love Reilly Dental!!"


"I've been a patient at Reilly Dental for several years, and these guys do it right. Always a beautiful facility, well-stocked reception area, and great staff. Dr. TJ and Susan (both "Reillys") are extremely talented at what they do. I just recently started my Invisalign Treatment and its going very well so far -- can't wait to get my lower teeth looking straight again. All the hygienists are great, but special props to Jodi. She did a masterful job on mine today. Highly Recommended!"


" We have been going to Reilly Dental since we moved here, over 10 years ago. They are knowledgeable, kind, and honest. I highly recommend them."

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