Boost™ Whitening by Ultradent

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If you want to boost your self-assurance, a whiter, brighter smile will help you feel better about yourself and take years off your appearance. We can help you achieve the dazzling smile you desire in just over an hour with the Boost™ teeth whitening system.

Ultradent, a trusted name in dental health care, created the trademarked Boost whitening formula to produce stunning results, yet still protect and care for your teeth. You can expect stronger enamel and decreased sensitivity with Boost. Studies also show that it helps prevent cavities, as well.

The professional grade hydrogen peroxide gel, proven safe and effective, whitens teeth much more dramatically and rapidly than over-the-counter products. Compare the 38% hydrogen peroxide concentration in Boost™ to the typical 3 to 10% of drugstore whitening kits.

If you choose to whiten with Boost, first, we will cover your gums and lips and expose only the teeth. Then a dental assistant will apply the special gel, taking care to reapply where necessary.

We may use a bleaching light, the same one we employ to harden fillings, to intensify the bleaching action. We will illuminate one or two teeth at a time for about two minutes each to achieve the best results.

An Opalescence® Xtra® Boost™ take-home whitener will help you maintain dazzling results. Age, red wine, cigarettes, or tea and coffee wreak havoc on your teeth, but Boost™ penetrates the enamel and dissolves stains, so you can face the world with a gorgeous, bright-white smile.

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"We've been going to Reilly Dental for almost 10 years now, and I routinely recommend them! Their new office is very nice, too. Today I got to have Jodi as my hygienist -- she was great! You will not go wrong with Dr. Tom or Dr. Susan, and I am always seen on time. Love, love Reilly Dental!!"


"I've been a patient at Reilly Dental for several years, and these guys do it right. Always a beautiful facility, well-stocked reception area, and great staff. Dr. TJ and Susan (both "Reillys") are extremely talented at what they do. I just recently started my Invisalign Treatment and its going very well so far -- can't wait to get my lower teeth looking straight again. All the hygienists are great, but special props to Jodi. She did a masterful job on mine today. Highly Recommended!"


" We have been going to Reilly Dental since we moved here, over 10 years ago. They are knowledgeable, kind, and honest. I highly recommend them."

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